ВАЗ 2109 V 0.8


Domestic car 2109. otkryvayutsya doors, hood, trunk. Untraceable. Washable. Price 1600. The size of the model a little bit big.
From the Author: A month ago, we laid out in general that nine in green. She did not buy, but since the 3d model was good, decided to revive it, even working with her for many, it is necessary in order to restore the archive, but I have no strength, can later, and so:
and the xml moddesk corrected, reworked physics (as I like), repainted, twirled motor and differential, a lot of work with textures, glass now look pleasant, light crown corrected, reworked instrument panel, animated instruments dveri.Skript passenger 3 people Well, Many things. I’d love to, that would be perfectionists brought it to mind, we need more good sound, instrument panel light, exterior lights., Was not able to remove the blackout front windows from the inside, jamb with mats probably, but to play it nice, I hope you will like, I decided to throw away unfinished, because it does not know when she’ll be back again.

Автор(ы) мода: Dimka096, kto-totutzdes Марка: Ваз Модель: 2109 Специализация: Легковой автомобиль

DOWNLOAD Vaz09.zip – 17.0 MB

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