esm unusual, extraordinary events – Feller Buncher LP-19B3 for Farming Simulator 2017. It is equipped with a mechanism for the cutting of trees, which can cut the branches and define the length of the cutting shafts.

Lesopovalnaya machine LP-19B3 crawler is functional lighting, animated dashboard and levers. Power – 316 hp Max. Speed ​​- 15 km / h. Traces of caterpillars, dust, exhaust. In addition to all the above, this machine can get dirty / be washed.

Acquiring LP-19B3 in your use, you will be able to carry out the felling of trees, and then forming them into bundles for further transport by a skidder. By the way, the manufacturer of the logging equipment is a firm “Lestehkom”, which carries out the release of this model, and to this day.

Кирюха, werik, Silak_68, Vertos

DOWNLOAD LP19_Les_FS17GO_RU.zip – 16.3 MB

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