МАЗ-5516 V1.1

Another version of MAZ 5516
From MAZ-5516 Selhoz is characterized by an updated grille and
interactive door opening, also the doors open outside,
Truck: has a choice of cab color, engine selection (235/400 hp),
speed of 102 km / h, two types of bodywork, two types of wheels, an animated installation, mudguards, lighting equipment, load capacity: 12 and 15 thousand liters, three sides of unloading.

Trailer: two body types, two types of wheels, animated mud flaps, light fixtures, 12,000 and 15,000 liters capacity, two sides for unloading.

JAWA, Vasya_TM, ANDREI1994, ksergey13, Serega Zheltok, Dima Kostin

DOWNLOAD FS17_MAZ5516_SELHOZPricep.zip – 48.9 MB

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