МТЗ-1523 V 2.5

It’s been quite a different time since the release of version 1.0 of MTZ 1523. But here is the second version of the mod with a bunch of fixes and innovations.
And so version 2.0 contains:
1 – A new script for Interactive Control, which allows you to open the doors, bonnet and bonnet hoods from the outside.
2 – Possibility of selection in the store of additional wheels.
3 – Fixed lights, lighting devices.
4 – PTO fixes and a new mud shader.
And minor changes. ”
Hoses are prescribed.

Serega Zheltok, Олег Заяц, Игорь Карадобри, ZloyBarsuk

DOWNLOAD MTZ_1523_MF_81d2c.zip – 53.1 MB

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