МТЗ 80 И 82 V1.2

In the set: MTZ 80 and MTZ 82.
Power 80 hp, 82 hp
The speed is 36 km / h.
V 1.2
Removed from MTZ 82 Old (old).
Working dashboard, animation of the farmer’s hands, noise isolation.
– fastening of the front loader,
wheel standard / narrow tires,
body color (six variants),
-color color (seven options),
-design standard / without mudguards / with large mud flaps / with large mud flaps + stickers1 / with large mud flaps + stickers2 / stickers1 / stickers2
Lighting technology
Leaves traces
Fly dust from under the wheels

Alali, Nedi

DOWNLOAD MTZ_Pack_v1_2_FS17.zip – 36.5 MB

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