The USSR has long collapsed, and the Soviet PTS-12 is still in demand among farmers. Now you can replenish FS 2017 with this wonderful, functional trailer. It is possible to attach PTS-12 to old and new tractors. The main thing is to have enough power. Take into account the fact that 25,000 liters of different cargo can fit inside the PTS-12. For example, grain, corn. If you put a special grid, on this trailer in the game Farmer Simulator 2017 you can carry silage. 2 types of bodywork, there is a separation between them. Mod is classified as washable. Beautiful dust animation, smooth and realistic wheel tracks. To become a full-fledged owner of this Soviet trailer, you will need to allocate 42 500 euros from the budget.

Norton, sergei1994, Dima Kostin, US

DOWNLOAD PTS12.zip – 6.3 MB

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