Textiles work with the Gear Box, with 4 front and 1 rear gears. The vehicle panel is operational, as well. WORKSHEET, HANDLING AND NECKLIGHT FIRES, ANNOUNCED DRIVER.

A model for moduli, a module for a custodian with accessories and fittings (before booster should be allowed to bob with a mouse), a boom module for water – 1500 liters. Module for transporting speed, moduli for transporting culture – 3,000 liters. Module-fuel tank – 1000 liters. The body of the standard culture transposes the dynamic loads. It can be loaded with seeds and accessories from stationary supplies (as in Sokinovka), and then seeded and seeded. Is there.

Shippy, Jekyll, Weder, KOVSH

DOWNLOAD FS17_UAZ_Modular_Set.zip – 21.4 MB

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