ХТЗ Т150-09

Kharkov was pleased with the excellent bulldozer HTZ T150-09 for Farming Simulator 2017. Severely, brutally, powerfully – everything, as you love!
First HTZ T150-09 was released for the 2015 version, but then it was successfully converted to FS 2017. Both the functional and the technical characteristics of the mod were successfully saved. The textures have improved, the bulldozer ride has become even more pleasant and dynamic.
Fully operable lighting equipment.
The bulldozer created at the Ukrainian enterprise smokes like a steam locomotive. Also, it leaves behind quite visible traces from the caterpillars.
Dust at this time flies like a jet plane.
Since along with the KhTZ T150-09 there is already a dump, you do not have to make any additional purchases. It is enough to sit in the cockpit, start the engine and get to work.
Slight traces of rust on the hull of the Kharkov bulldozer are visible.
The implementation of dynamic exhaust and animation is just crazy!


DOWNLOAD t150gusli_converted.zip – 37.8 MB

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