2015 SILVERADO 3500 JEEP V1.1


Here Is The 2015 Silverado 3500 I Posted A Couple Of Days Ago I Have Changed A Few Things To This Version
Added Marker Lights To Front Corners
Added Tail Lights to Bed It Had The 3 Center Lights Only Before
Added Brake Lights To High Mount Lghts On Bed
Added Reverse Lights To Cargo Light Instead Of A Cargo Light
Added Twin Crome Exhaust Stacks And Exhaust Particles For The Second Pipe
Removed The Receiver Ball Hitch And Installed A Pintle Hitch Since 98% Of Bumper Pull trailers in game Has A Pintle Hitch Ring
Added A 5 Beacon Light Bar
Truck does Have A Dynamic Mount Trigger On Bed But With The Fifth wheel Not Much Will Fit But It Can Be done
This Was I Great Mod Before I Played With It I Just Tweeked A Few Things To Make It Better

SIlverookie< Thunderhawk Lighting, Exhaust stacks mod DOWNLOAD UploadFiles.eu

2 Comments on “2015 SILVERADO 3500 JEEP V1.1”

  1. Great mod, best detail Ive seen on a truck mod, only thing is that the exhaust gets in the way. If you do a 3rd version, exhaust underneath the back bumper would be appreciated. Thanks!

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