Welcome to Churn Farm 2017, located in the beautiful Churn Valley …

The popular Churn Farm for FS 2015 has been converted to FS 2017! Many more
improvements and features make it a detailed and interesting map in the
west coast of the United Kingdom.

Now, in this updated version 1.2, even more features have been added:
Churn Farm 2017 now incorporates the all-new “Dynamic Mud” (based on the
original mud mod and modified with the permission of the original author by
reallogger ) Without active Mod seasons, the mud will be “on” or “off”
depending on whether it is raining or not … With Seasons Mod active,
the mud “comes alive” becoming more and more muddy depending on the humidity soil … a
few dry days in a row will “dry out” the most muddy areas …

Also, the brand new “grazing mod” by reallogger … this mod “scans” the grass
in the pasture area to fill the troughs automatically … With Seasons,
this mod is really alive, because there is no grass in winter and early
spring, so you have to supplement the grass of the animals with bales of hay …
you have to be careful when placing a large number of animals in the pasture,
grass available in the pasture can only not support them if too many animals are in
the pasture, just like in real life. Mowing the pasture grass is disabled
better to allow the grazing mod to function as it should …

This map now incorporates Frontier Ian898’s mod FPS clip distance
Design triggers … are placed in the machine’s storage buildings around the
map to help reduce fps problems from having all your favorite mods, high Precision
parked in them …

Plus, the water trough mod is now added to all animal troughs …
so no more worrying about hauling a water trailer all over the map to keep the
animals happy …

And, because of the very popular demand, Churn Farm now has good traffic in the UK, driving
on the right side of the road and using appropriate RHD vehicles …

Collectible gold nuggets have also been added to the map … look for and
discover all 100 …

And finally, the ball storage mod is embedded in the map in various
locations … square straw bales and square bales can be stored
sheltered on the cowfarm … round bales of straw outside, next to the shelter with
square straw bales … at the back of the cow wood shed there is a place to
store round bales of silage … At the pigsty, square straw bales and round hay
bales can also be stored …

So now, welcome to Churn Farm 2017 …

All the farmland in this lush and abundant valley has been maintained and worked
since the beginning of 2015. You start with eleven fields owned, some are ready to
harvest, others need a little preparation first … you have decent equipment to
start with, but will need more, and larger machines to fully work this great set
of fields. So, work hard and prosper! (warning: running Seasons mod,
the default start of the game is to start with all fields harvested … you will
still have the same eleven fields, but no crop pushes on)

This map has all the default crops, including a spruce forest above the main
farm and another on the way just a bit of the first … (sell your logs at the
sawmill, just at the left entrance port) for those who want to work
in forestry. A small garden farm is located near the entrance of the valley for
those who like to relax with a really small, maybe vintage equipment.

There are six outlets selling things:
– High Grain Grains – Wheat / Canola / Corn
– Twin Cannons Brewery – Barley / Sunflower
– Straw Plant – Straw / Wood Chips / Bales
– Churn Valley Granary – Wheat / Barley / Canola / Corn / Soy / Sunflower
– Churn Valley Rootcrop Sales – Potato / Sugar Beet
– LizGaz Slurry – Slurry

There are three places to store your products until a better price arrives:
– farm silo on the main farm / root storage in the central building (has advanced collisions)
– agricultural silo next to the pork farm (stores all grain) / vehicle shelter has advanced collisions
– Churn Valley Grain Store next to the harbor has two spacious buildings just to
store your grain or your roots until you need it (both have collisions with spikes)
– A silo of wood chips has been added to this version of the map, located next to the
shelter in the secondary forest area
There are no unrealistic windows for storing grass or grass. straw … like IRL you would
pick it up and then store the bullets, there are several sheds around the map where
the bullets could be stored
– the fermenting silos on the cow farm do not need compaction / will dump directly
into one or the other other feed mixer / check their status at the console next to the silo (2
– the water tanks at the main farm and at the cow farm have triggers / water filling seeds and
triggers Fertilizers located at the main farm (bulk silos will charge less money
than standard triggers since you buy in bulk) / fuel is available at all
– Triggers filling and selling milk have been added to the card, the filling trigger is to
the black cow farm milk tank, sell the trigger is to the dairy. Stop the sale of milk has
now been included in the map.
– There is now traffic on this map, too, many vehicles are parked at various
places (during the working day) and leave at night.
– Fields are purchasable on this card unlike the 2015 version, however, there are
no missions.
– Mud mod is embedded in this map, there is not a lot of mud on the
map set , but watch out for that.
– The chopped straw is incorporated in this map, no additional mods needed
– Poplar repel as IRL
– Seasons Mod ready – This map has a custom GEO for the Seasons mod built for
the area that this map is meant to represent … it means a little rain, but
rarely the temperature will be low enough for the snow … (for those who prefer
to play with the weather Seasons by default instead, just delete the seasons files
the weather and daylight from the folder main, this will let all other seasons
work the same way, replacing only the weather and daylight compared to the standard
Seasons default settings.) In addition, all foliage layers change color
according to the seasons, just like trees.

Disclaimer: This is a very detailed map, using many different landscape objects
and layers of custom foliage to achieve visual realism, and as such
you need a strong and powerful PC to work … especially if you have a lot of mods on the
farm. The only solution to this problem is to not use mods and / or
low parameters. In addition, to avoid unplanned problems and conflicts, please
ONLY this card in the mod folder as having multiple cards in the folder will cause
problems as the game loads all the scripts of all the cards, including the assets
a …

This will be the only version of the map, unless someone finds a
bug game break , should not, because it has been fully tested. However, all the things you do not
like or would like to be improved will have to be for your own private editions.

Good agriculture!

Changelog for version 1.2:
Dynamic mud installed
Mod pasture installed for cows and for sheep
Water modulator installed (waterers for cows and pigs collect rainwater)
Added custom RHD traffic Added custom
Various decor enhancements
Adding custom field purchase icons (real estate signs)
Incorporated “stop selling milk” in map
Chicken eggs moved to coop
Added collectible gold nuggets
Added woodChip storage silo
Adding fps video clip mod
Adding the ball storage mod

Notice: Since this card will eventually be uploaded everywhere, no matter my wishes,
please at least include the full description and credits when you do … by doing
this, you show respect for all the hard work of the many modders whose work
goes in cards like this …

Map Makers

Tommy23 (original FS 2011 Churn versions)
ccs101 (2015 and 2017 versions)

Map Objects

Duetz Fahr UK
NLD Farmers
LS-UK Mod Team
Frontier Design
LoneWolf Modding
NI Modding
BM Modding
LazyMod Studios
Farmer Andy
fqC Art.
Blacksheep Modding
Wild Team (Max Wild)


DOWNLOAD ChurnFarm2017SeasonsV1_2.zip – 1.2 GB

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