2PTC-4 V4

Use 2PTS-4 in the game Farmer Simulator 2017 can be used to transport grass, straw, hay and cuttings, bales and silage. It is sold for 4,500 euros, accommodates 21,000 liters.

Modders decided to leave the script for the selection of grass and hay, as well as straw.
Carries cargo at a speed of 13 km / h.
Requires a power of 60 horsepower.
Afterwards, it leaves visible traces and is well washed.
Very high quality textures. For example, collision was prescribed, so that the bales do not fall back.
A total of 12 to 14 bales are placed.
There are no fasteners, yes they are a trailer 2PTS-4 and are not needed. Because the sides here are very high.

Team USSR, ZIBIbit


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