version 2.0
Elimination is the brewery.
These Down:
The sheep wool Collector in a hall.
Two feedlots for cattle.
Two feedlots for sheep.
Milk transport possible.
Greater livestock trading juveniles.
Pig feed production chain is “only” prepared,
(For placeable …)
Outdoor storage with MixFedder.
Three crops havebeen added.
Prepared for some optional mods and placeable objects.

Fritz55 (Elchland, first version.) And Two Extra thank you that you have resorted to me at the Much ArbeitV2 so helpful under the arms and even the odd detail “Added” have, thank you. Gan28k (feed stock) webalizer (ChoppedStraw) are the not the original scripts but specially Adapted. Xseno (AnimationmapTrigger) Wild fox (Hangar hall, as well as in built-up “Animation Map Trigger” from Vertex Dezign Team) “The Englishman” (I still can not understand, unfortunately, who has the shelter for the sheep in LS13 really built, still to Thank builder, he goes for LS15) upsidedown (Multifruit and everything that belongs and that’s a whole lot) TMT -.! Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan (manure dung lime Mod) Gene Borg (manure and slurry texture for GMK mod and clover and alfalfa texture) straightener Jack (Paddock gates) Steinklopfer (BGA UmbauLS 2015 – Beta) Marhu (pig and some scripts more that are installed in other “mods” / was / were, like eg WasserMod WollPalletenColector factory script). stubi69 (signpost) mailman (wooden shelters: MODSWANTED.com) Andy1978 (Compost – mod and accessories) VitaminC (MultiVitamin128 v 1.0) Kolbenfresser (Old LPG silo, from LS13) PowerPeter008 (crate) RC-Devil (feedlots pack incl.Viehmarkt) Farmer_Andy (goose mast and Everything for the production chain “swill”) Luculus (part animated turkeys) Bluebaby201 (MixFeeder and SearchMod) Timber131 (cowshed) Ifkonator (trigger for bales) Mannie313 (drive-through halls) seba j (birch tree) coolman (pay phone) Kazura (cowshed Ruins V 1.0) Jauch Paule (Workshop equipment V 1.0) Harry TheMaster (house V 1.0) PowerPeter008 (shelter V 2.0, Garage V 2.0) mote454 (Old Barn With Lms Lighting V 1.0) xJeReMyx (Wiata V 1.0) Güllemax (creating some Hudbilder especially for me .Danke.) mngrazy (Damage Repairs And Mod) Happy Looser (individual Hud Fruits) Should I be someone Missed, I have someone forget sorry, Please Get in touch with me is of course Timely Corrected.

DOWNLOAD Bitte_UNPACK.zip – 401.3 MB

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