so, the latest version of this map is ready and available for you to download!
Why v2 and not v1.4?
Quite simply, it was in the v2, which was not available here, changed so much that we decided
have to make a v2 therefrom.
Those who wish to know what has changed in the v2 everything HERE can read the ChangeLog.

This changelog here is quite small, since it almost exclusively deals with the optimization of the production.
At the depot, palletsSale trigger were exchanged.
Not every palette we adopted at every trigger!
In the palletsSale trigger only end products are believed to range, note Infoschild!
The prices (per liter!) The end product pallets are now displayed in the PDA.

The old savegame of V2 should work, but it can cause problems by Fremdmods.
Who wants to go on “safe”, begins new.
We took with us but that Savagame of v2 for hours without any problems.

Adjustments to the mud.
The speed of vehicles traveling through the mud was increased.
Vehicles are dirty little slower.
Who has the mud in his old savegame removed by grub bern / Drive Control, it gets no
new savegame back again! Way is gone!

Placeable objects:
Who on the Map placeable objects uses such as the Holzkreislauf or the likes, should consider
that the pallets and the
installed scripts to not work only with each other.
We strongly recommend this type of mods to renounce!

FahrsiloExtension by upsidedown:
This mod does not work properly with the Ackendorf Map, as this can be tilted no CCM in the bunker silo!

Who weeds when saw / gubbern / plow should clean up his mod folder and remove the
We do not know why, but this mod is grown on the Ackendorf the weeds.

Changelog 2.2
amended Sale trigger at the depot for pallets
exchanged Various digital displays
Display the pallet prices in the PDA (key C)
Fixed wrong Siloplane at the BGA
Wrong Info Name on pellet plant “L10n” fixed
increased volume at pellet plant of production inputs
customized production of pellet pallets
customized production of lubricant pallets
customized production of cans pallets
Wrong pallets Output fixed H2 empty pallets
Adjusting the composting plant
Various customized signage
performance optimization
Liquid trigger angepast for factories now have hose connections
installed or modified Diverse Features
The slurry was revised
Odds and ends here and there: D

Required Mods:
– MultiMowingMod
– ChoppedStrawMod
– GreenFertilizerMod
– GülleMistMod
– MapBuyableObject v3.3
– MapAmpeln
– 64erFix
– Plöger harvesters Pack
– MixFeeder
– Multifruit
– UniversalProcessKit
– MultiFruitModule_Ackendorf (Located at the MapPack!)
– Reach truck v1.2a (located at the MapPack!)
– Seeds Cleaner (Since we could not find a download for LS15, the Mod is the pack!)
– Production overview in PDF is the MapPack at

Recommended mods
– Fortuna Trailer Pack
– StopMilkSale Mod
– AutoCombine (for SP :))
– Stoll Robust S Frontladerschaufel
– Multi Overlay Hud v2
– Iveco Clixtar System

Optional mods:
– Damage and Repair Mod

The Drive Control Module “Fruit Destruction” destroyed the mud!
You have 2 options here.
Firstly you can module in the driveControl_config.xml disable or you unpacked your, opens the driveControl.lua and put yourself in line 2165th
You will be asked for:

Lua code
if FruitUtil.FRUITTYPE_GRASS ~ = ~ = fruitId and FruitUtil.FRUITTYPE_DRYGRASS fruitId then

this one:

Lua code
if FruitUtil.FRUITTYPE_GRASS ~ = ~ = fruitId and FruitUtil.FRUITTYPE_DRYGRASS fruitId and
FruitUtil.FRUITTYPE_DIRTY ~ = fruitId then

and grab store again
That you may have fruit destruction but the mud remains: bg:

Known bugs: Dedi
* Scale with statistics can cause problems if the game has not completely ended.
* Vehicle repair can cause problems if the mod is not in the folder.
* MOH – sometimes multi Overlayhud caused LUA Error on the Dedi. Reason unknown!
* 3 warning Ning (which we did not get them from the map!)

The map may be offered on every page to download but only with original link!

Support, as usual, ONLY through our Forum
Since we have no desire to meaningless clerk, the comments feature is disabled.
We ask for your understanding since.
Modest are rated one way or another, so we can also make our work the clerks alike and must
the whine not give us.
Who, as I said, has to announce something that may like to do in our forum, we look forward to you.


DOWNLOAD Ackendorf_v22_ENTPACKEN.rar – 659.5 MB

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