Adikomorowo V3
Once downloaded, unzip !!
The pack includes instruction maps and Map Door Trigger,
I added it because some people wrote that they could not open the gates, etc.

Map of the general edition:
-naprawiłem bug with disappearing chaff
-powiększyłem field
he added a few fields
-powiększyłem map
-poprawiłem PDA
-zmieniłem place the appearance of manure from cows (now need to select it from the barn PROTOTYPE {})
-usunąłem static cows out of the barn to make it more realistic
-dopracowałem second purchase of grain
In short, I added some cool stuff to map (see for yourself)
Now you can play without reservation.
The only remark to the gates -jeszcze have not graduated because they too do not know how to do that I have to come to that, as I mentioned I’m a beginner;)
If you find a bug write a comment I will try to eliminate it !! Have fun wishes Adicomer !!
PS. My mind map on secondary devices;) Anyway, as one who likes



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