Agriculture EXTREMELY Map v 1.2

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Agriculture EXTREMELY 2015 v.1.2 @ 01:07:15 V1.2 new features / changes / fixes NEW! Palette Collector v3.0.1 Alpha! Palletensammler (sawmill) and Wollpallettensamler (sheep)Marhu pig involved 4.01 and changed settings consumption. Marhu Viehmarkt v1.0 involved. Marhu Sawmill v1.1 involved. Marhu (Pallettendisign ofTracMax) sawmill must mun only be bought! New Feldverkausschilder. @ Fendtfan1 All delineators were exchanged (nu in multiplayer visible!) Sawmill timber sales trigger raised (for wood Sell just passed through) The milk can now be himself departed (trigger in front of the milk tanks equipped) The Farm Stock:. Wheat barley canola and corn are now with Portable Plane and also with shovel loadable and can be filled. Digital displays of fruit bearing included. UrmodderBlacky_BPG BGA now Optimizes more Ablademöglichleiten wzb. also straw bales and discharge. BGA must now only be bought! Biomasseheizkraftwerk now filled with shovel. Silage Plan swapped .. now in green with tire. Tree textures replaced. Grass dense set slightly lower. Now even slight bumps on the dirt roads. Flickering of the window fixed from the old memory. PDA has been updated.



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