Agro Nort Map V 1.0

agronort-2015 (1)

agronort-2015 (2)

agronort-2015 (3)

agronort-2015 (4)


Tools – Enhanced System Pivot irrigation – ChoppedStraw – GuelleMistMod – WaterMod – MilkTruckTriggerP – New textures – New forest areas – flotation removed for better performance, correjido errors found, etc.
The Pivot140 is already on the map installed. Only file must put in the mod folder
Calf rearing pigs, cultivation of olive, sunflower and be in the version of Avena end AgroNort 2015

By Šetka


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  1. SETKA says:

    Hola, me pregunto con que permiso se ha publicado mi mapa y sin respetar el enlace original.

    Hello, I wonder that permission has been posted my map and without respecting the original link.

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