AGS Map V 1.2

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ags-map--3 (3)


Version 1.2
Change on the AGS Map amended V1.2 textures and replaced. New industries: Baker = bread (needs sugar, rye and flour) Horticulture = tomatoes (need seeds, Komopsterde and water) North Energy = compost (takes manure, wood chips or straw to) Komoster in the Gärnterei inserted (takes Gass, silage or chopped to ) = Sommy edible oil and diesel (for edible oil rapeseed or sunflower and rapeseed for diesel only) BGA Silagesilo exchanged against a building Hächselgut purely out silage round 4 abladetrigger and 4 silos. Each volume Deco installed. PDA adjusted. Courtyard 2 is a Lagerhale for potato, sugar beet, carrot, red and white cabbage. Seed and fertilizer warehouse on the Hauphof and Hof2. Seed and fertilizer, you can now make the garden center itself for seeds need canola, wheat, barley or corn, earth compost for fertilizer. Some industries have gate with opening times. Wool can you get rid of the harbor. Eggs now at Lidl. 3 New fruits with built-in: Red and white cabbage and carrots. Have fun exploring and farming the map.

The map is a project from the AGS team
I want to thank all countries objects I have installed.


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