She is back! After a few good years, I offer you the Amazone EDX 6000TC again in LS17 in!

Version 1.1
Bug fix: Sewing machine does not cease to look when you drive over a hill.

The Amazone EDX 6000 TC is a Einzelkornsähmaschiene suitable for businesses with 600-900ha campaign performance. I hope they can provide good services.
The Sähmaschiene been completely revised and brought up to standard LS17. The Changelog LS15-LS17 is below. Now I will first start with the properties of the vehicle!

Vehicle Features:
Name: Amazone EDX 6000 TC
Working Width: 6m
Crops: maize, sugar beet, soya beans, sunflower
Fuel capacity: 3600l
Schaar Number: 8
Required tension: 170PS

Conversion Details:
The Sähmaschiene been completely upgraded with the LS17 standards! The following is a list of the individual changes from 15 to 17!
Color has been changed to the colors of the Amazone LS17! (Giants may not appear to some at Amazone on a color, which is why we have every LS a new color. Now the color is adjusted to fit with the Amazone fleet)
Dynamic lights and indicators have been added! (Lights are now real lights, no fake lights more)
Washable! DIRT texture everywhere added (the LS15 he was not washable, now he IHAT a realistic Dirt texture)
Particle Effects (See picture, it dusted properly when sows and flying chunks of earth into the air)
Mass and wheels have been adjusted (Sähmaschiene hops not and wheels remain on the ground)
Textures have been adjusted (Smaller texture errors have been adjusted)
Helper AI has been adjusted (The helper AI has been changed in the LS17 and Sähmaschiene was now tuned to the AI)

I hope the mod like it and you can spend a few good hours of play with him!

Idee/Konzept: LS13: Guagi/ LS15: Bombastisch/ LS17: Bombastisch


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