American Farmland Map V 0.4

american-farmland (1)

american-farmland (2)


version 0.4
Straw sales for loose straw added to the horse pasture eggs are now all in one place and not fly in the air. Cows no longer run through the trough. Warnings erfernt. Farmerhaus renewed and beautified dung conveyor belt is running now. Double digital display ebtfernt leg straw.

Map by Luculus
und viele deren Mods ich verbaut habe
kommt noch eine komplette Liste


3 Comments on “American Farmland Map V 0.4”

  1. I like this map; however, there is a problem with the fields. I can hire a worker to harvest, but when I try to hire a worker to cultivate, he either won’t continue to work at all (on one field) or he only cultivates part of the other field. I discovered that the AI does not recognize the entire field area as a field. I re-plowed an entire field with the plow set to ‘Allow create field.’ After that, the hired worker would happily cultivate the entire field without interruption.

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