American Farmland Map V 0.1

american-farmland (1)

american-farmland (2)

american-farmland (3)


The fields are large and bigger. Unloading there are standards.
Missions are included. Watermod built, installed feed stores.
Fruit varieties only standards.
Forest area so but must first be reforested are already looted
PDA is not fully aligned quiet (I’m still learning)
Transport ie rolls one yet.
And now have fun with it
Oh the cattle stuff there too.

Map by luculus
and their many mods I have installed
is not a complete list


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3 Responses

  1. Kamil says:

    Very nice map
    When com the next update please

  2. STEELE says:

    I like playing the map. I have put several hours into it. Just a few issues for constructive criticism, Field 12 has no purchase bubble. Field 9’s bubble is high in the air. Not accessible. One Mission drop point is also inaccessible. It’s floating off the ground. Keep up the good work, just a few points to correct. 🙂

  3. Kamil says:

    Yes played also very long. After playing a while. A load the game to continue playing. And a hire a worker. And they say you don’t own the field.

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