– Chopped Straw blocked
– extended field angle installed
– Volume of farm silos 500k per fruit increased
– Season Mod made ready
– All trees and shrubs traded (Now all trees fellable and Season Mod ready!)
– US street signs installed
– New gas stations installed
– Sludge installed
– Sawmill rebuilt
– 2 new BGAs installed
– Pallet collector for production installed
– New sale for production installed
– Hotspots added
– Railing installed on the bridges
– New fruits: carrots, beetroot, garlic and onions
– Train (spline) installed
– Railroad crossings installed
– animated animals (snakes, bushes)
– Fields (1 + 19, 11 + 12, 4 + 5, 7 + 8) put together
– Lights installed in the yard
– Decoration installed
– Tree at the yard
– Swapped fruit textures
– night is darker now
– Milk sales installed (no longer sold automatically!)
– GMK installed
– Digital display installed at Abkippstelle
– made corn higher
– Fixed hole in the bottom of the cattle pasture slurry tank
– dyn. Heaven blocked
– Grass is now fully grown at game start
– Field 17 removed
– Small production installed (New factory script)
– UPK car wash installed
– adapted PDA map

Required mods:
– mCompanyGraphic Mod
– Holmer pack for onions, beetroot, garlic and carrots

Optional mods:
– Fortuna Pack
– Universal Process Kit – UPK (17.0.9) For the washing systems!
– Chopped Straw
– Farming Tablet (Plus Addition Apps)
– Seasons Mod
– Handbrake
– Tiller lock for fifth wheel
– Extended helper
– Advanced features
– kilometer display
– AI Vehicle Extension

Furthermore, for the people who play with Seasons Mod and have the Platinum Addon, we recommend the below attached GEO file for Southeast America.
The basic version comes from Cajun Farmer Boy from the Giants Modhub.
I just added sugar cane here because the map supports this.

Grundmap stammt von somethingonmyshoe2 √úberarbeitet FSM Team


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