Animal Worker

Hire a Ranch Hand to tend to your animals.
– Daily at 7am: They will fill the feed, straw and water all your animals for a fee, if active.
– Daily at 8, 9, 10 & 11am: They will train (ride) your horses 25% per hour for a fee, if set.
– All settings can be managed from the setting window (LAlt + NumPad 0)

Change Log:
Version 2.3
– GUI (LAlt + NumPad0) now loads with current settings from XML on initial load.
– F1 Help menu text displays worker status as active or not active for (LAlt + 0) toggle feedback.
– On-screen feedback (top notification) when worker toggled or charges for work, shows for 5 seconds
– Now trains horses 4 times a day with configurable hourly rate per horse at 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am (if you have HorseHelper, set train Horses to false)
– More settings configurations (Activate horse training and hourly rate to charge)
– Fixed Dutch translation for Animal Worker (All translations based on Google Translate)
– Added changelog.txt to .zip

– More language settings (g_i18n variables)
– Add controller inputs
– Add option to sell eggs, milk, manure, slurry, wool (Focus for next release)
– Add configurable training times to settings.

– No known conflicts, however, if you have HorseHelper, you may want to set the horse training to false as both mods will train the horses, just at different times.
– Performance / lag: minimal to none. Lightweight iterations take less than a second.
– Multiplayer compatible: Most features should work, though it has not been tested nor has is_client or is_server implemented.
– Logging: Minimal. Removed log entries minus worker toggle and payments.

Enjoy! Please report any issues either in the comments or at my email. Your feedback helps to shape the development. Also, working on putting a site together for development releases and updates.

Tunnelrat /


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