AR Forestry Pack V 1.6

ar_forst (1)


Version 1.6
Added crane camera

Original by Giants
by setting frame Gnescher
conversion by Gnescher


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  1. Martin B says:

    Great mod – one of my favorites…

    I am wondering if it would be of interest to add the possibility of opening the back of the frame with sides.

    Since both left and right side opens, why not add the possibility of opening the back?

    If this is done the frames would be perfect for transport of wool from the sheep-house to the sales-point…

    By opening from the rear the wool-pallets can be loaded from the rear since they do not fit 2by2 from the side – then 3 can be loaded for each frame from the rear.

    The frames could be parked at the sheep-farm while waiting for the wool pallets to finish and when a complete load is ready the frames could be picked up.

    Hope this suggestion is of interest, thank you.

    Martin B.

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