Whats great to tell it what is vebaut you all know.

Server error solved as far as it went, two remain however unfortunately, these can not be changed any more.
These two do not affect the game behavior.
The ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Arensfelde has been adapted again and the BeetMaster is now again.
Added an image file where you can see which mods must be in the Mod folder.
Field path adapted to field 6.
Ballemaster particles adapted.
Sugar beet factory in PDA.
At the BalleMaster the particles are adapted again.
The vine pack is no longer required. A suitable trailer is attached to the download. This invites the sugar and grapes
In the autumn trees on the roadside the collisions are removed.

I therefore saving me now a two-page ramblings, it’s at the end anyway always the same.
It offers you a large courtyard with MixFeeder stables and garaging many possibilities.
Installed are: Breweries, wood processing, food processing, livestock and their feeding.
The size of the map, with its 10 fields is good for single player or multiplayer 4p Server suitable.
The card is completely free Log in Singel both in multiplayer
I have a lot of value is placed on performance and therefore also the older generation of computers in the position should be the Map Games.
For this reason, no conveyors or digital displays are included. For the removal-of the fruits from the camps I have further linked you down the Mobile Föderband of Marhu.
Furthermore, I have but adapted nor Radladerschaufel of gaints and settled the Map.
So as I said I did not want rumschwafeln all too much they go download costs you nothing and have fun in Arens field.
As always, my thanks go to you modders whose objects and scripts I could obstruct.
of course, a big thanks goes to the team of scooters for the extensive testing of the Map.

Map SDK: Giants Marhu – Mannie313 – Andy1978 – Oekobauer – mngrazy Förderbänder; Watermod; Woolpalettcollector; Viehmarkt; GülleMistMod; Mastanlagen; Seedmaster; Lebensmittelverarbeitung; Schnapsbrennerei; Brauerei; Futtermisch Station; DamageMod Farmer Andy Kompostieranlage; Güllelager; Eier-Lege-Station; Rübenschnitzler; Hühnermastanlage; Schweinefutter-Produktionkette; MilkMax; Pelletmaster Geneborg – Texturen Gülle Mist Kalk; Sonnenblumen; Klee+Luzerne; Roggen; Bodentextur Blacky_BPG LS13 – Tobiasgo GasStationTrigger Extended RC-Devil DüngerFabrik/Lager Devin Hallenpack Manuel BGA BernieSCS SchweizerDorf Hoftor Steffen30muc Zatoxx Gülle-Mist-Ankauf Eisbearg Gitterbox Eier bgo1973 Klee Luzerne San_Andreas Baumarkt Möchtegernbauer Bäckerei; KFL Werkstatt; Fleischer; Bäcker; Schlachthof Cyber11 Landhandel Bauer Heini Shell Tankstelle Hardstyler VIS Tankstelle Straßen Fatian CityDistance Joa Giants TyphoOn Hof-BGA Bluebaby210 – Timber131 Mix Feeder & Kuhstall Zuckerrübenfabrik Modder Unbekannt by Susi Weinrebenpack t2k_modding Molkerei GoldFox Gebäude die ich für die Winzerei verwendet habe Zatoxx Gülle Mist Ankauf Güllemax FBM Individual Hud Files Goldfox Energie Kastor Sandkuhle Digitalanzeige Urmodder:Blacky_BPG LS15: Nils23 Numbershader: Giants/weisser Anpassung: Giants/weisser Holz Textur (Vorschlag): lappyBauer/dtmaster Feldarbeits-aufträge rafftnix, BM Modding ChoppedStraw webalizer_ls Herbstbäume Luculus sollte ich jemand vergessen haben bitte ich um eine PM über den Mod Hoster. Wird selbstverständlich umgehend nachgetragen.


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