Kastor has released his Vanhool Trailer in a new version.
I pulled it (Kastor a really successful trailer, thank you very much!) and hardly was he in the game, he has formally begged for new tractors
He was probably tired of being pulled through the city by the muscular and appealing Swede (GtX: I love your Volvo!!!).
And so I pulled the first benefit out of my MAN chassis pack and built a couple of MAN tractor units (much to the joy of the trailer, by the way,
as you can see in my album in the gallery) A little self-promotion is allowed at this point …

V3.1.0.0, 12.06.2018
added 8xx SemiHD
added DH for SemiTrailerAttacher in all Trucksadded script for Luefter Rad
V3.0.0.0, 26.05.2018 — release V3
V2.0.0.0, 11.11.2017 — release V2
V1.0.0.0, 02.11.2017 — release V1

What is inside?
2 tractors of the 18 Tonner series (4×4) 420 — 500 hp
1 tractor unit of the 26 Tonner Series (6×6) 460 — 580 hp
1 tractor unit of the 33 Tonner Series (6×6) 500 — 640 hp
All vehicles have

Free color choice for the cabin
Free choice of color for the rims
5 tire types (road, agricultural, off-road, tractor, tractor with inscription)
Engine and tonnage dependent nameplates
In the store I have set up a new category (thanks to Ifko [nator] for the release of the addCategory scripts).

A word about the release:
It is not allowed to upload on other sites!
There will be no release from me for the whole pack!
Release for individual trucks only on request!
original model, GIANTS textures, GIANTS concept, Alfredix remodeling, Alfredix testing, Alfredo Scripts, ifko [nator] (addStoreCategory.lua)
My log is feer free.

concept Alfredix models Alfredix testing Alfredix schemas V8Bolle Scripts ifko[nator] addStoreCategory, AddConfig Xentro dynamic Hoses HoT Team UAL Blacky_BPG Zulassungsscript, HotspotFix LsPrO/TheCoCe DelayedRotation GtX LightExtension, RealCab model sources GTX Drawbar for TSDH trailers Dcals for Cab interior and additional signal lights GIANTS MAN TGS 18.480


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