Auenbach LS17 – Savegame (Other start conditions) (Not checked)
Hello, Most of you know that the map “Auenbach” is a wonderful and beautiful map, hat off for the developers!
I fell in love with this card – lol, and since I do not play it for the first time, I once thought:
A new start situation would be fine.
Well and now? What awaits you for the start here. Important the mods (required Mods) have to be installed, without which it is not!
Story: The small village “Auenbach” is provided by 2 small farms, a farmer who normally does his work and then they come into the game.

They have:
– No field
– No vehicles or equipment for field processing
– About 30 cows
– A small milk tank trailer (white)
– a small slurry tank trailer (brown)
– A small water tank trailer (blue)
– A tipper trailer
– Two towing machines + various attachments
– A solar system
– Fendt 300 Vario
– New Holland T6
– Euro CA: 50000
– No credit
– Difficulty: Difficult

Try to make enough money to enlarge.

Required mods:
1. Metaltech Trailer Pack –
2. Bank of Hagenstedt –
3. Stop selling milk –
4. Buy Bales –
6. Front loader bucket –
7. Auenbach 2.4 LS17 –

>>>>>>> Important: Without these mods the Savegame will not run! <<<<<<< Recommended Mods: 1. Deactivating the camera collision - 2. Lower pet prices - 3. Engine braking effect - Important: Created and tested in single player mode Other Mods Recommendations: 1. 4Real Module 01 - Fruit Destruction 2. 4Real Module 02 - tire contamination 3. 4Real Module 03 - Soil texture 4. Realistic fuel consumption Credits:
Benötigt andere Mods die ihr selbt runter Laden müßt


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