Auvergne Multi Final Version Map v 3.0






hello everyone here is the final version of the Auvergne card V3 I correct all beugs that I have found and that is my doing reassembled
.the calves and pigs are at present on the card to charge the little lambs and nursery and veuax chicks.
of additional fruits are included on the map orange cherry plum apricot vine tomatoes peppers onions comcombres salads.

thanks to these fruits you can produce resources such as alcohol beer canned fruit juices sugar salt flour bread bun cakes but they are also the dairy butter milk UHT cream cheese that you can go to the village or sale in shops .

4 ratings cereal grain oats seigne litmus more bases are present on the board with biensur potatoes and sugar beets to produce with potato alcohol and beet sugar for fruis juice and other plant to you to discover the opportunity.

a buildings is at your arrangements for storing fruits, another novelty alfalfa and clover produce biofuels finally soildmod is active on the map if you do not want to activate it enough for you to simply remove the pack or the soildmodmanagement remetre as you please j ‘hope to have nothing to forget there is a lot of things to discover by yourself I wish you good holiday and I told you soon has another card that shook mine more public construction wood work and also some different fruit varied and not all games have.

création désigne Dj6310 team restricted
création du bâtiment atelier et stockage de la ferme tilou42 notre petit baby modeur de chez restricted qui assure un max merci a toi ed


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2 Responses

  1. eduardo says:

    como se mete este mapa para que funcione en el juego para jugar con el

  2. yorkmouth says:

    bonjour j’ai installé toute la carte en revanche je ne comprend pas car les champ que j’achéte une fois acheté je ne peut y allé car cela me dis “ce champ ne vous appartie pas” comment puis-je faire merci d’avance

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