– There is a large flat map with fields, forests un Wiesen.Zu game beginning you have a field that is already beschtellt.
– The card is, in my opinion, quite clearly arranged and the area corresponding to the “lowlands”.
– The main focus of the card is in the grain production.
– To start the game the ordered field to harvest. The maps helper friendly.
– Forestry can also operate here, of course.
– The streets are of Allee – trees Edged (meaning most of the machines would have “inside control” when there is sailing). If that bother: There are chainsaws 😉
– It is also the “Animal Production” on the map, I hope, come not too short. There are in addition to chickens, sheep and cows and pigs and cattle available.
– Also included cattle trade (this is the pig where “pups” Driving / buy can / must), and cattle fattening.
– In the BGA can almost all fruit, including the straw, “ensiling”..

Outlets. Building.

– BGA, BIOWERK, biomass heating plant, distillery CARTE CENTER, CEREALS AG, GETRIDESPEICHER, DÃœTERBAHNHOF, PRIVATBRAUEREI, shipping company, butchers, transportation company WINDMILL, yard, sawmill, CATTLE MAPKT,
Animals Splines.Missions.Video Ãœberwachung.Lager.usw.
– A lot of Decorative Objects Still are on the map, for example, installed. Bauhof, zoo, circus, basketball courts, child’s playground, garage, soccer field sawmill and much more …. Let yourself be surprised 😉

Built-up fruit.


What I have built for you?

– Food storage – Hächselgut, mixed fodder, beet, chips, potatoes, straw, silage, grass.
– Slurry manure lime mod – Gene Borg
– Composting – Marhu (potatoes, sugar beets, grass, hay, Hächselgut, straw, manure, compost, wood chips)
– Cows: Grass. Silage.Stroh. Water.
– Sheep: Gras.Silage. Water.
– Chickens: wheat. water.
– Pig: Standart fruits. Water.
– Cattle fattening: Standart fruits. Water.
– Wassermod – Marhu
– Goldcoins – Wishing Well.
– Missions – Aufräge am Rathaus.
– Loaders – Stroh.Gras.
– Compost storage – compost.

Where you can unload what?

– BGA: silage. Grass. Straw. Chips.
– Organic plant: wheat. Barley. Rape. Grain maize. Potatoes. Beet. Oats. Rye. Spelt. Triticale.Sonnenblumen.
– Biomass heating system: wood chips. Straw.
– Distillery: wheat. Potatoes.
– Bauhof: Holzstäme / Langholz.
– Garden Center: compost.
– Cereals AG: Wheat. Barley. Rape. Grain maize. Oats. Rye. Spelt. Triticale.Sonnenblumen.
– Granary: Weizen.Gerste. Rape. Grain maize. Oats. Rye. Spelt. Triticale. Sunflower.
– Güterbahnhof: wheat. Barley. Rape. Grain maize. Beet. Potatoes. Oats. Rye. Spelt. Triticale.Sonnenblumen. Milk.
– Privatbrauerei: wheat. Barley. Oats. Rye. Spelt. Triticale.
– Shipping company: wheat. Barley. Rape. Grain maize. Potatoes. Beet. Oats. Rye. Spelt. Triticale.Sonnenblumen.
– Metzger: Pig. Broiler chicken.
– Transport Company: wheat. Barley. Rape. Grain maize. Potatoes. Zuckerrüben.Hafer. Rye. Spelt. Triticale.Sonnenblumen.
РWindmill: wheat. Barley. Raps.K̦rnermais.Sonnenblumen.
– Wooden Train: logs / Langholz.
– Tailoring: wool.
– Sawmill: logs / Langholz
– Composting: potatoes. Beet. Chopped. Silage. Grass. Straw. Chips. Compost. Mist.
– Dairy:. Milk (freight station, cattle market) PS: The milk must sell yourself … your
. – Straw sale: Stroh.Heu (garden centers, cattle market)
– Gullie Mist: Gullie.Mist (Garden Center)
– Potato Factory: Potatoes
– Horses: Gerste.Hafer (straw in the barn).

Mahatma Gandhi


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