It is based on the map “Baldeykino 3” FS17.
Last year, “Baldeykino” is no longer what it used to be. The new owner decided to improve the life of the people in the village. But as always there are hacks and plows at random, so the field is not the same, but it’s always possible to fix it if you want to combine it.

Added train manipulators storage of cereals and vegetables, replaced storage database, change the world, basically everything you can cut trees in the forest of basic crane manipulators. All standard animals are now on the map. Milk donate milk factory, at baking factory bread. Hlebzavod will not work as before. Choppedstraw – removed, strongly inhibits the game. There is a saw on pallets of boards for sale in the village shop at a crossroads.
From the old maps, deduce the production and are located next to the barn. Fuel Production – Carry a tanker on the base. For production work needed AAA_UniversalProcessKit mode (included). Some fields are modified from their original and revised prices.

ben686 (Den Ben), ajsik69 (pole sale), salaris64

DOWNLOAD Baldeykino_4_FS17.rar – 466.8 MB

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