Here at last the long awaited Bantikow Final for LS 2015.

AndiScania, Tommi-1 and Rick


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14 Responses

  1. Trucky says:

    Bantikow Map all gates and doors work except the gate at dealers. Is it a time gate?? or am I doing something wrong ie I have auto door gate opener mod. downloaded. Please help

  2. farmerscooter says:

    LOVE the map!! I cannot get gates at dealer to work either. i have downloaded the animation map trigger and installed in mods folder..tried to get gates to work.. having no luck, need help!! Want to play this map so bad!!

  3. farmerscooter says:

    I am having same problem,. tried a few different things and did not work

  4. Rexxy says:

    This map!! *.* great work this is kind of map that I was searching from Day that FS 2015 was out! Thank you AndiScania, Tommi-1 and Rick!! Greetings from Croatia!

  5. Trucky says:

    Cheers Max, great map and should now be able to get in and enjoy a the playin.

  6. Pedrochapps says:

    Prob one of the best maps pout there, But, Dealer gates dont open no matter what time of day i have Also the gate at the BGM is closed

  7. øyvind says:

    hvordan får man opp døra til der man leverer korn
    går det ann å spille multiplayer på dette bantikow

  8. Libor says:

    Gates work fine. They work by automatic time trigger.
    But I have problem with lime and stuff. How do you buy them exactly?

  9. es ist eine echt coole map

  10. Ivaylo says:

    Where i can buy kalk ?

  11. carl says:

    Great map. How to get started mixer that is cows? ?

  12. Bestmap says:

    To get mixer to work, you have to put silage, hay and straw at the outside end of the mixer building. There are grills for them. You can also see the level of stuff above them.

    You can then get mixed ration stuff from the inside of that same building, when you drive a feeder under the scoop and press button.

    For others. You dont need to buy lime and kalk. Just go to the dealers. There is a storage building with haybales inside and from there you can pick up lime and kalk. You can also bring that to the farm and storage it there if you want.

    However, you cant pick it up with default shovels and you cant pour it into default wagons. You need to download suitable multifruit shovels and wagons or lime/kalk spreaders to be able to carry it around.

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