Note 1. If you download this and have an earlier none V1D map you must start a new game.
Note 2. This map is not compatible with the STRAW ADDON DLC.
Note 3. This was not intended for a public release it is my own edit of the map facebook users requested a release so here it is if you don’t like the changes they will not be edited in future as again it is my own edit and the map is being used for development of my new template for Ringwoods.

So here is the right Beaver Creek V1D file and not the mixed up unfinished one that I mistakenly uploaded.
You will find the new second stage fermenting silo for Luzerne in this map which will produce protein silage for cows and can be used as a power feed.
You will also find the full use of the steamed potatos and beet pulp which are now required for the pig feed machine for pig power food.
All the displays are corrected in this version and read correctly now as well as having the new illumination the modDesc was also corrected for the installed mods.
Fuel triggers can no longer be cheated with water.
For HMilk use the supplied kotte multi tanker which works with all fluids and triggers in the map. You will find it located in the slurry tanker section of the shop once you have place the zip in your mods folder. It does not use pipe overloading so you will not have the pipe bug in multiplayer.
The new products have also been added to the compost master so if you have surplus it can be tipped into the machine.
Tested with my old V1D save and it all updated fine just load up the map and save straight away. Exit the game reload the map and your good to carry on from where you left off. If its jerky on the FPS you may have to delete your cache files and re cache the map in by driving around it or speed walking, save exit and reload.

Map development changes and additions to V1D.
New custom foliage added.
Small area adjustments.
New detailing added.
New models added.
My own custom Luzerne added to the map with 3 growth cycles, to be harvested with the Forage Harvesters and Xdisc direct cutter.
My own Dairy added this will be developed further in future maps.
Sales Prices tweaked Beat Pulp added into the map.
New Particle holders and fill planes added.
New distance textures matched.
Sky swapped out.
Displays added to all mods, cleaner illuminated texture created for them.
Particles and sound added to the green houses.
Performance Adjustments made in the map.
There’s more but you won’t notice.

Design, layout, textures and some installed mods Stevie, Extra 3D models Luke_BK, server mp testing jman8798. Further scripts, models and installs; Marhu, Farmer_Andy, KevinK98, Kastor, Blacksheep, Nils23, Webalizer, FSModding, and Eisberg without whom the maps would not be as much fun to play.


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