Thanks to Robert this now works with the Straw Addon DLC mod. The map is also server tested.

This Mod is downloaded from my google drive, once downloaded unzip the file and you will have 3 files, 2 zip files one for the map, one for my Kotte Multi Tanker and a read me txt file in english.

Hopefully you should be able to use your previous V1D save but I do recommend starting a new game.

Follow this and note the end, before you delete any previous V1D from your mods folder you need to load the map and clear the spruce tree production if you have had it running, Let the input supplies run out and then manually push any left over pallets onto the auto sell trigger with a vehicle. Also if you have vehicles or placeables in this area move or sell them. Once it’s clear save the game and exit the game. Remove the old Beaver Creek Seasons from your mods folder and place in the new V1D final update and the Kotte Multi Tanker mod included into the mods folder.. Load up the map and then make a save and exit the map and the game. Load up the game and map again and it should all be updated for you now. Note you may loose certain items in storage as certain installed mods have been updated. Also you may loose any previous luzerne as it has all been updated to lucerne now. Any other version of the map that is not V1D will require a new game save. You will find the Kotte Multi Tanker in the shops slurry tanks section and it handle all fluids and triggers in the map including Hmilk. If you do start to get funny things happening start a brand new game.

Map overview Beaver Creak was my last user map for Fs2017 but this version is my own edit which users saw and requested be released. My map edit was never intended to be a public release it more my development map for later templates. Thanks to Farmer_Andy/Papa Bear PC-SG for permission for the conversions and use of some of your best FS15 mods which I put to use in my edit. The map features Chopped Straw, Edited GMKFC, Terrain and Dirt, Gold Nuggets, 9 extra Multifruits, Milk Production and sales, Custom sawmill and sawmill mods and more. The single farm at Beaver Creek is a hub of activity when its fully up and running. The map is normal sized but the layout offers optimised field space with a nice sized natural forestry area if that’s your thing. The map has a full snow mask and is seasons mod ready if you choose to play that mod active. Also you will see all squared fields this was how the user designed the map originally but in game you will notice the fields are in segments and these with a little time and effort can be fully customised to however you wish.



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