Note this map is not compatible with the straw addon dlc mod, if it is active in your mods panel the game will crash on loading the map.

Hopefully you should be able to use your previous V1D save but follow this and note the end. Delete any previous V1D from your mods folder, place in the new V1D and the Kotte multitanker mod included. Load up the map and then make a save and exit the map and the game. Load up the game and map again and it should all be updated for you now. Note you may loose certain items in storage as certain installed mods have been updated. Also you may loose any previous luzerne as it has all been updated to lucerne now. Any other version of the map that is not V1D will require a new game save. You will find the Kotte Multitanker in the shops slurry tanks section and it handle all fluids and triggers in the map including Hmilk.

Small fixes applied, Luzerne corrected to Lucerne, a manure buy point is added to the farm, texture work and again lots of other things you probably won’t notice.
You will find the new second stage fermenting silo for Lucerne which will produce protein silage for cows which can be added to the cows TMR powerfood mixing machine which will produce power feed in bulk.
The new fruits were all added to the farms compost maker as well.
Lucerne can also be added to the sheep feeding trough direct.
You will also find the full use of the steamed potatos and beet pulp which are now required for the pig feed machine for pig power food.
All the displays are corrected in this version and read correctly now as well as having the new illumination.
Fuel triggers can no longer be cheated with water.

Design, layout, textures and some installed mods Stevie, Extra 3D models Luke_BK, server mp testing jman8798. Further scripts, models and installs; Marhu, Farmer_Andy, KevinK98, Kastor, Blacksheep, Nils23, Webalizer, FSModding, and Eisberg without whom the maps would not be as much fun to play.


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