Here is the original Bergmann REPEX 34S from the LS17 from Giants with selectable rim color.
All other game related parameters like
Working speed
Prices for purchase or maintenance
As well as textures or models remained intact *.
* Therefore, even the small file size, except the modified moddesc.xml and the vehicle.xml, will only use original assets that are already on your hard drive. So there is no reason why I should let you download the same data again.
And, even if the realism fan among you is a horror, I am willing, upon request, to provide further versions with unrealistic changes to the features for all those who, like me, primarily play for fun at the game of the LS, But do not really know how to do it yourself or worry about the MP ability.
Note, however, that if the charging capacities are too high (beyond the 60,000 liters), additional mods such as, for example,
Modelsicher’s excellent FillTypeMassAdjustemen
Or in this case the unrealistic version mentioned in the description may become necessary.
Also a request to the more experimental among you. In the singleplayer, the truck worked with me without any problems and error-free, Basically, the truck was to my knowledge synonymous in the multiplayer function, but I have neither own server or a friend and circle of acquaintances, who share this hobby with me, it is me Unfortunately impossible to test this mod in multiplayer. So if you would be so nice to give me feedback about any errors or problems, I would be very connected to you
Enough of the scribe, have fun and afterwards a happy celebration
Since this is only a slightly modified original mod, you can do with the mod and leave what you want.



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