Version 2.2.9
The trigger for selling timber at the leshoz has been changed; now it can be sold from the wagon without using a crane.
– Correct display of the price for silo on the BGA, the price of BGA is not prescribed (therefore it was not possible to raise the price), everything is standard, checked.
– Some objects were removed from the map: Meat-processing plant, orchard, potato sorting, grounds remained, they were attached to neighboring areas, therefore you can use it to build a base.
– Reduced the weight of the map, due to the cleaned objects.
– Many little things
The save will not affect the change.

65 fields on the map
There are animals
standard textures
Unpack archive + archive has objects. There are several mods on the map: workshop, garages, gas station, house, granary, barn, silo pits.

Changed to
1. BGA works now, but it is necessary to buy a plot (so as not to affect your savings plot for the neighboring BGA), the price of the plot is 770 thousand.
2. Textures corrected in some buildings.
3. A collision has been made on some buildings.
4. At the KFH Larin point of sale, columns have been added that specify the trigger (the trigger itself is being extended).
5. The move to the cereal plant has been corrected
6. Some trees transplanted on the streets.
7. Triggers set for livestock straw sale.
8. Other minor corrections.

ixoL, Alex Potanin


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