The map Beskidy is a full-size map Poland, and it shows the landscape Beskidzki
in picturesque Berglandschaft.Die map consists of a central and four other villages.
In every village there are to manage a fully functional farm. What does the map?
Animals: chickens, sheep, cows, pigs and calves animated
Due to the long growth times, the amount of the fields has been increased.
Purchasable objects are: hotel, guest house, equestrian, sugar mill, shelter, Lidl, train station, garden and farming shop Edelweiss,
Dairy products, sawmill, slaughterhouse and the farm.
In addition, there eseine workshop, a limestone mine and a brewery to produce beer that can then be sold.
This also only certain Öffnungszeiten.Nach Feierabend are no longer open those gates.
There are more than 140 boxes in various sizes from small to large to buy. 3 fields belonging to them at the beginning of it.
Most of the fields can be put together but also means plow.
4 Free zones have been set aside for placeable buildings or greenhouses.
Forst Mod: There were planted on a 500 m large piece of trees for felling.
Other mods: lime manure and slurry and mod chaff.
as the Mod: weed
The milk is not collected but must themselves be driven to the dairy.
As extras, there are airplanes, seaplanes and a traveling railroad.
There are several rivers, lakes and ponds, from which one can get water for the cattle on the map.
It is also a drinking water supply for the production of beer present.
In addition, you will find: An interesting and extensive road system consisting of asphalt roads, sand and gravel roads, street lighting, traffic signs and information boards.
There is still much to discover unmentioned.
Required Mode:
Trailer hops and beer, Digital Display, Guelle MistKalkModPack, ZZZ_ChoppedStraw -a new version of hops, MapDoorTrigger, ZZZ_multiSprayer, Forest MOD




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