BGA XXL TH01 V1.0.0.0

This is the standard BGA or XXL BGA! This Bga has the standard functions except that the manure is unloaded at the entrance so at the car! Can be thrown: straw grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow Silage manure liquidManure sugarBeet potato The remuneration for this is done at night at 0.00 am at a reasonable price The bga costs 250000 euros per day 80 euros Many details Animated sludges and manure basin There is still a smaller version of this bga but this version is still beta What I can recommend is you need a lot of space modeling on the map itself and money or As a recommendation, this mod is not bad he helps with placement FS19PlaceAnywhere_master Have fun Thunder01 And give me a thumbs up! And please do a favor let the stupid comments because I can do without them because they Go directly to Modhoster !!! It is very time-consuming and nerve-racking something remodeling and designing times apart from the time that is on it! So please respect the work and since glad that there are still modders who are deal with it and share your things!

Tester: mystikcat-nicole, Nils, Rhino1969 und meiner wenigkeit Thunder01 Modell: mein Modell Texturen: meine.


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