Mod cards with larger poles for the Farming Simulator 2017. They are both repetitive and extensive, that they can be considered to be huge. Fole here zanimayut praktichekki vsyu pschschad kpaty. Haconets-your dusty vehicles will come out of their garments and will take care of what they have. They are supposed to “beg” not to leave, so that they are ready for the fact that they have not exerted such a colocalized load, they will begin to fall a bit pesky.

Ootobennosti kapty:

11 large poles, 3 storage pads.

One is the form, which contains in both the sheep, the birds, and the cvin.

Biogazovaya setting.

There is a mirror for the sawmill.

All the yards and boats are wheeled by the mouse.

The call of the iron-and-steel system.

Merchant scot.

Park / Mill.

It is a beta- the expansion of the map, so that for it we will be able to come up with the most important things and improvements



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