Great Russian Pack technics for Farmer Simulator 2017
A grand selection of Russian mods for FS 2017. For a second – 80 pieces of equipment in just one package!
You say that this has not happened yet? And we completely agree with you. Indeed, this happens for the first time in the history of Farming Simulator 2017.
Of course, we will not list all 80 units of equipment. But we note the most noteworthy models.
AGD 2 and AGD 3.
CPM 10, PTS-9.
Selection of cultivators.
More than ten trailers for transportation of various crops, as well as silage, water and fertilizers.
Cars GAS.
Many KamAZ trucks, tractors MTZ and KhTZ.
Combines Don, KrAZy, MAZ.
And many many others.
That is, by installing this wonderful pack of Russian technology in Farmer Simulator 2017, you instantly acquire the right technique. And you can achieve a good result.

DOWNLOAD Russian_Technicals_Pack.7z – 2.0 GB

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