Big Seedling Pack V 1.4


Big seedling pack as an update of my first TreeSaplingPack of January, the Big seedling pack contains fir seedlings also spruce, Winterfichten-, birch and larch seedlings Damcon Big P75 and the pallets have a capacity of 120 seedlings.

The mod works on standard maps in SP, MP currently not supported yet, on ModMaps he works on SP and MP.

Important! Please read the readme or the accompanying pictures Step1, Step2 and Step3 view!

It brings nothing now times when only two different mods, things just take out that you can do this then tinkering to a private mod together and does not try to understand things or they go to the bottom of the plagiarism has never really done to the target. You just learn nothing of it.

RC-Devil & Giants


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  1. kiki says:

    on my map there is no garden centar how to buy tree seedlings
    is there any mod

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