I ask all those who want to invite Map down only to read the description.
Who does not like the map you should not load down too!
If her criticism of the Map have then please see the friendly Tohn express because no mapper or modder wants to hear something like “oh you see the shit out or something but no one wants.”
Because this is the reason why some keep mapper or modder their Map’s or Mod’s only for themselves.
To Map
The organic is a 4x Map with 7 field areas, these field areas can be seen in the administrative freikaufen.Am beginning you have 3 boxes (box 1.2 and 29) .Your start in the yard with a very small fleet and a small grain and Erdfruchtlager But you can zoom in, a so-called 3 in 1. The field areas which must have bought it by a big warehouse in advance to be plowed.
Apart from the whole field work you have also to supply several industries (Note the way there can be much) and there is a very large Forsthof where there is also a small sawmill, at the sawmill gets her then by delivery of logs and wood chips Holzpaletten.Es are still a big sawmill where their trunks can cast and chips only gets out.
Economic Activities
Sawmill small: wooden pallets
Sawmill great: wood chips
Flour mill: levy on barley, wheat and rye. Issue: flour
Schlachter: delivery of beef, pork and chicken. Issue: Meat
Erasco: delivery of meat, onions and potatoes edition: Goulash
Hofland: dispensing red cabbage, white cabbage and carrots edition coleslaw and compost
Greenland: delivery of potatoes output chips and compost
Greenland1: delivery soybean output soymilk and compost
Garden Centre fertilizer system: discharge manure, slurry and compost fertilizer output
Garden Centre Greenhouses (All): delivery of seeds, fertilizer, fuel and water
Dispensing tomatoes, lettuce and cauliflower (The output will not on pallets.)
Horseback riding: dispensing oats, mixed feed and straw output horse (Can be sold at the port)
AGIS: delivery triticale, corn and mixed feed output power feed
Broiler (Runs through the factory script): delivery of water, corn and fodder output chickens and eggs
Diesel: delivery of rapeseed and sunflower output diesel
Heating oil: delivery of diesel fuel oil output
Baker: delivery of rye, flour, eggs and sugar output bread
Sugar factory: supply of sugar beet, water, wood chips and compost sugar output
Winery: delivery of water, fertilizer, compost and seeds edition of Wine
Hopfenhof: delivery of water and seed output hops
Brewery: delivery of water, hops and barley output beer

Ich bedanke mich bei allen dern Mods ich verbaut habe
Das AGS-Team


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  1. neale says:

    hi your map does not load in game i hope you can fix this i really like o try this map thank you …..

  2. willie2224 says:

    How do you load heating oïl on the trailer ? I don’t know how to do that ?

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