This is a mod for the PC version of the game Farming Simulator 17.
It is a factory which takes digestate, liquid manure or manure input and produces fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and fuel Farming Simulator 2019 mods.
300K digestate, liquid manure or manure produces 120K fertilizer, 120K liquid fertilizer and 60K fuel in 24 hours (5000 per hour).
Make sure your Farming Simulator 17 PC installation has the latest patch installed
Use universal kotte tanker trailers for optional supported hose connection
Fill fertilizer spreaders and sprayers directly
Silo trigger has motion sensing lighting at night, and a guide light for fill point
Cannot refuel vehicles directly. Fill tanker trailer and refuel from the tanker trailer. This is because selling a placeable with a TankTrigger causes errors in the game.
To customize, extract zip, open bioProcessor.i3d in Windows Notepad (using the Giants Editor is not necessary to customize these values), save changes and put back in zip:
change ProduktPerHour value to change production speed
change “capacity” values to change capacities
change fillLitersPerSecond value to change fill speed of fertilizer pipe
open bioProcessor.xml and change “dailyUpkeep” and “price” to your preference
will only work in multiplayer if all players have the exact same version of zip file
tested in a map with mCompany Sawmill also installed and no errors were found (so mod should work in maps with other mCompany script and FabrikScript mods)

Models, prefabs: Giants, Dorset, Al-Modding. Silo trigger light marker concept: GTX Mods FabrikScript, Additional Triggers: kevink98, marhu BioProcessor concept, design, creation: Slivicon


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