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version 1.4
Cattle fattening BETA, pig BETA, BGA revised (new silos, silo positions, way not as steep, manure sale now at BGA possible), new bearings for root crops without chips (because chips bearing installed), Wollpallette issue simplified, and much more

MarcoG1983; LSGamer1


7 thoughts on “BJORN HOLM CHANGED DESIGN V 1.4

  • Would you please, Put more effort in the description? your telling us nothing about the mod?.

    is it English or german all over?.
    Multiplayer friendly?
    Any bugs or game ruining things in this version??

    Please for god sake. Put more effort in it. So we dont spend time downloading crap?

    • Nisroc

      I agree with you propaganda.

      Even a overlay of the map would give us a better description. Most players do not care about fields rather how their farm is set up. Be honest is there some bugs? Come on there is always a bug. Last map a garden store bug, let us know so we can figure out if we wish to deal with 3rd party messes like yours.

  • Johnsol

    I love your “New Design”. It’s definitely no “crap” Your map is the best out there, i’m eagerly waits for your next update. Keep on working.
    I like how you concentrate around the central farm with it’s level differences, but watch up, i’ve seen some bad examples of hilarious levels in some maps
    Buildings and objects -with function- are essential, sheds and empty barns just take up useful space an should be kept to a minimum.
    For my own taste i love the “Feed area”. I have implemented a Mixing Station between the “automilker” and the Feed Shed, fits percectly. now i just need a place to store the mixing rations.
    I also prefer moving the pig and calf mod buildings to where the area of the BGA.
    The BGA area, and other “sell” areas should be placed further away in favor for more “farm specific” objects/buildings.
    Keep up the good work.


  • Breedbull

    For some reasons, map does not load up. I waited more than 10 minutes

    • Shadowz

      try unziping the file into your mods folder… this is REALLY helpful for maps I’ve noticed.

  • Shadowz

    Is there a way to change the language on the storage areas to english?

  • darkdaz

    do we have a manual for this type of thing, as in this map i dont no what like the pigs and the beef animals would eat.. thanks


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