Bjornholm modified Map v 1.1




first of all I would like to make a few assumptions: is my first map (also the first mod) I do so hope it is coming good, then I would start by saying that this year the original map of the game I really like because it represents a full what is happening in my part in agriculture, because I live in a mountain town in 1200m and there are lots of woods, lots of forestry, small fields and much breeding.
Starting from the premise I made me want to change the map Bjornholm, leaving the truest possible al’originale, simply by improving the parts that would make it more realistic as add choppedStrow, the seed2k15 (create seeds from their harvest) the GMK mod, mod the water, the sawmill Marhu (to create and sell lumber), the widest possible pastures, add pigs, calves and more.
Added sawmill Marhu instead of the “fake” where they sell the logs to the pond;
united fields 24-29, sown and fertilized;
inserted silos kalk and seeds both at home and at garden centers;
extended pastures, with water mod and the barriers for entry into the lawn;
Change the gas pumps;
Inserted from a cow shed with attached trigger hay bales sales;
open the garage shop with sale means used within:
lager sewage:
seedmaster2k15, to create seeds directly from our harvest:
update with garden centers sell compost, manure and slurry:
compost, in the “zone dairy” with dairy small, divided by the compost area and garage opens:
display to show the amount of crops completely in Italian:
the chip conveyor
Several parking spots in the woods for loading / unloading logs posatronchi appropriate.
I would like to know what you think of my work, if you liked what changes / additions could do or what to change.
As for the credits, I inserted inside the pack a file with a list, in the zip of the map (if you find that one is missing please let someone who will add it right away), here I would like to thank the most important among them as Marhu and all his collaborators (team TMT), Giants, RC Devil, Andy1978 and t0xic0m.



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