BOBCAT S160 V1.0



Bobcat S160
Max speed 34km/h

peterj, sam123, durman


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3 Responses

  1. Robster says:

    cool idea but needs some work, turning needs some work and the hydraulics are slow.

    • nisroc says:

      not really robster. if you use forward before you turn a you will turn faster. the game cannot produce the same lifelike turning that a real bobcat can do. I did do a little tweaking of my own and im happy with it. it is great for all round. i would love to see the buckets and other attachments that came with this in FS13

  2. nisroc says:

    First great job of this, being a bobcat driver there is a few things that are warped. First off bobcats can really speed up fast. this mods is great but a faster speed from a idle would help increase turning sharper as if it were a real bobcat. Second no insane man on this earth would dare drive a bobcat at 60km/h. I have already lowered this to 40km/h. I was planning to convert this bobcat from FS13 and was just looking for the copy when i ran into yours. I love it and use it all the time. Really great job

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