Hi LS-Com
To bring a different color and a different brand into play here the direct seed
Independent Bourgault Air Drill Seeder 600
This is a direct seed for growing large areas with a working width of 20.6 m
Fields must not be previously grubbed or plowed
Currently still in a beta version (for lack of documentary scripts and feedback from Giants) but it serves its purpose
Working width: 6.20 m, Price: € 75,500 Maintenance: € 15
Capacity: 600 bushels / 21,600 liters
Of fruit: wheat barley rape maize sugar grass
only suitable for tractors with min. 250 hp
Hochglanzlack: NO washable: YES



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6 Responses

  1. Burnett says:

    Hi, thanks for this. I was looking for something like this one.
    The xml file includes fertilizer and the last pic shows fertilization but how do you activate the fertilization?

  2. Burnett says:

    Thanks for this one, i was looking for something like this.
    The xml file includes fertilizer so does the second pic but how do you activate it?

  3. Stocks says:

    Hey dude i can’t hook the seeder whit my tractor. Which tractor can i use for this Seeder?

  4. Electromech says:

    Um…. It doesn’t seem to have the cultivator spec? Hired worker over planted area and it didn’t cultivate the crops….

  5. FarmerJoe says:

    Why doesn’t the rear hitch work, I have a fertilizer tank mod and it won’t hook up behind, is it possible for you to male it work

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