Bourgault IAD600 V 2.0

bourgault-iad600 (1)


Working width: 6.20 m, Price: € 75,500 Maintenance: € 15
Capacity: 600 bushels / 21,600 liters
Of fruit: wheat barley rape maize sugar grass
only suitable for tractors with min. 250 hp
Hochglanzlack: NO washable: YES

MBJ, Sven777


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8 Responses

  1. bart says:

    ive downloaded the file for this seeder and followed all instructions on where to put it in the mod folder and so on.
    anyway its not working for some reason and I can not figure out why

  2. lucy says:

    F*** you bart

  3. ball says:

    V2.0 connection doesnt glitch anymore but it does cultivate anymore,just seeding

  4. ball says:

    “doesnt cultivate just seeding

  5. ben says:

    This says V2 but downloads as V1. Also doesn’t work with course play as it doesn’t lower at beginning of seeding.

  6. ben says:

    answer to this would be great!

    anyone else having trouble with this seeder and courseplay/hire driver and it wont lower the boom automatically? How do we fix this?

  7. Mike Loeven says:

    Confirmed issues with course play. will not lower boom but also has a about a 20 second lag before attempting a turn and when adjusting the turn radius manually you can get a integer overflow which effectively locks up the course until reset

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