BREDAL K105/K165 V1.0

An equal at the beginning, the mod is unrealistic and who does not like, then please do not download the mod.

Pack consisting of the Bredal K105 and the K165. I have Strobes (speed camera) behind and behind a Attacher installed. The Attacher is only available if you buy the 30m scattered version. The spreads were set to 18m / 30m and this each for fertilizer and lime. The maximum working speed was set to 30km / h.

Just look at the pictures.
For the 18m stray version, I have to come up with something else for the purpose of Attacher.

Modell: Giants Textur: Giants Script: Giants LightExtension: GtX Idee / Konzept: Giants/Tomcatbw Umbau: Tomcatbw


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