Here I have created a new three wire British style electric pole, in this zip file you will find only one i3d file and one diffuse, place these into a new folder and name it something you can remember, then place the i3d file and diffuse inside the folder and place within your map files, I prefer to place mine in newObjects but that’s my choice, once this is done open your map and maybe again the way I do it is create a new transform group and rename this also to something you desire, I made mine “electricPoles” again down to preference, once the transform is done set the clip distance to “400” and then import the i3d from where yo placed it. now that you see the electricPole in the Console “Scenegraph” and it is highlighted blue, press and hold left CTRL and X and the pole will disappear, now click on the name you made for the transform group, this will highlight blue and again press and hold left CTRL and V, your new electric pole will now appear inside the new transform group, and keep the Console nice and clean from clutter.

Now this is in you will notice inside the electricPole i3d there is 5 child files, 1 electric pole – three wires – and a distribution transformer, they can all be edited as required and the transformer only needs to be on the model for areas that require electricity, the wires are moveable to make them fit the model better when rotating to go to different areas, if this is required you are best to delete 2 of the wires and move one to where is needed, and then duplicate the wire and move this to the other pods.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy.

If you are to edit this model you can do so but if uploading please use credits.

Cheers robbie

Blender Moddeling program Giants Editor / Giants FS-UK for being able to upload and share FS-UK Team for testing robbie for model


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