Brix Twin Pack V 1.0

brix-twinnpack (1)

brix-twinnpack (2)


The Twin Pack is an all-rounder, it cuts, crumbles, solidified.
The disk roll Twinpack they provide optimum seedbed preparation.
The roller and the blade edges separately adjustable.
The twin pack suitable for printing the front hydraulic
Loamy, cohesive soils? = Twin Pack!
A front weight can also work? ! = Twin Pack
Standard equipment- working width 3.00 meter
polygon roller with rings Ø 550 mm made ​​of spheroidal graphite cast iron on Sechskantwelle-
strippers for Polygonwalze- 2 rows of wavy discs Ø 510 mm (optional Ø 560 mm) –
double tapered roller bearings from our large disc harrows

purchase price € 13,498
maintenance € 43

Model: Workshop Manager / Saschii
texture: workshop manager
game Johnny Driver


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